Adyuvo (pronounced ad-yoo-vo) is an industry-changing app for patients and healthcare consumers, helping to connect patients with their team of health professionals and carers. Bringing together the many providers in a patient’s healthcare journey, and improving communication and collaboration, results in a better outcome for patients, prevents admission and readmission into hospital and reduces overall costs for the health sector.

How does it work?

Currently in development, Adyuvo provides a secure environment for safe, collaborative and truly personalised care planning that leads to better health outcomes. The app allows patients, carers, nurses, medical staff and pharmacists to collaborate to assess, communicate and adjust treatment and care based on ‘real time’ monitoring and feedback.

Adyuvo is adapted from the Latin / Italian verb adiuvare, which means to help, aid or assist.

Patients can contribute to improving their health through a collaborative approach


Better communication. Better care. Better health.

As healthcare provision and technology evolves, people can live much longer than ever before. Our ageing community, in addition to the increasing burden of chronic disease, puts significant pressure on our healthcare system and increases the associated costs of treating patients both in and out of hospital.

Patients and healthcare consumers, particularly those with chronic illness, can control their symptoms via medication and lifestyle choices but often require support from their GP, specialist doctors, nurses and pharmacist or in-home carer. Due to the number of healthcare professionals involved and often conflicting systems or technology, communication between providers can be slow, cumbersome and sometimes ineffective.

The need for partnership and good communication between healthcare providers and patients, both for initial and on-going care, is critical to ensuring the delivery of a comprehensive, patient-centred care plan.

Adyuvo believes that changing the way that healthcare is communicated
will enable better health outcomes for patients that are cared for in the
home and wider community.

About Adyuvo

Ross Hardy, founder of Adyuvo, realised the need for better healthcare communication after suffering a broken pelvis in late 2015. During his initial stay in hospital and subsequent 12 months rehabilitation, Ross realised the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers – and knew there was a better way to help patients to get the care they needed and feel engaged in their treatment plan.

With over 30 years experience in the health and aged care sectors, Ross is passionate about quality healthcare and creating a better experience for patients. The team aim to provide an innovative tool that allows healthcare providers to educate and collaborate in the best interest of their patients.


Adyuvo is growing and we are looking to work with technical experts, including software coding, app development, IT and health. If you would like to know more and want to make a difference, then get in touch.

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